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Health care:

Health is wealth is the apt word wherein no amount of wealth can help to buy health. With this as the focus to provide good health during the pandemic we helped to supply masks, sanitizers and immunity boosters to all the people in our town with help of a strong youth force who backed us up in this effort. We have also a few people with medical amenities at a crucial time.


When you teach somebody a skill you are equipping them for a lifetime. The educational wealth cannot be destroyed and will take them to greater heights. We have helped many students by providing materials for their schools and funded a few with fees and uniforms. During the pandemic times when everything was online we reached out to kids to help them log on and give them a few tips to grasp the contents and helped them to move forward with ease.


Child Protection:

Children are the future of our india and we have reached out to young children and supplied them with fruits and egg to supplement their diet. They have also been taught the concepts of health and hygiene which we think is most important as they are the ones most prone to infections.

Human Rights:

Our founder who is the secretary of Human rights anti crime and anti corruption bureau for the Virudhunagar  district  and has a good team of youth who have also joined this league to help people receive and exercise the rights that they are entitled to yet are not aware of it and are taken for granted. The team under the umbrella of this foundation has helped to solve many human rights amicably.


Women welfare:

Women make life more beautiful by making the citizens and the men have a  more meaningful existence in the world. Behind every successful man is a women who backs him up. We empower women by showing them schemes which will help them to become more financially independent and add to the economy of the family and also equip them with skills to do a home based business as well as educate them to be self sufficient yet be there to  nuture multifaceted and talented children.

We have supplied the immunity booster KABASURA Kudineer to all the people free of cost with the help of ARAVINDH Herbals a well known herbal farm which manufactures and supplies siddha medicines all over India. Free food to COVID-19 patients at the government hospitals was well-received we also went and reached out to the police officers who were on long hours of duty and gave them refreshments and food packets service and reaching out. Service and reaching out is a motive of Shree welfare foundation always elevates us to the next level to do better and reach out to more people bringing a smile into their hearts with memories.