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About Us

We Are In A Mission To
Help The Helpness

Srimaan Ramachandra Raja is the proud founder of the Shree welfare foundation with the great mission to serve the people with the purpose to bring in happiness and satisfaction as the name means a person who is special in all ways. He loves to live up to it in the true sense of making it a special life‘s journey for him where he brings in special memorable moments for the people in need to cross his path. He intends to live his life and make a difference and not just live.

Shree welfare foundation is a personification of Goddess Lakshmi who gives and continues to give abundantly we believe in educating children. Shree welfare foundation was started with a mission to the best and reach out to all strata of the society. It genuinely aims to create happiness in the hearts of all who come in contact with this foundation going back only with pleasant smiles and a fulfilled heart. This being the objective we do our best to achieve this.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to  making people happy. We are working to ensure the better future for our nation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to we want to run centres as much as people to reach all the children who are living in poverty.

Our Goals

Our goal is to ensure that vulnerable children experience a happy life, healthy and positive childhood.